- April 2016 -


Jill Andrews is a Nashville-based indie folk artist with more than a decade of touring and recording under her belt. She has been on the road with bands like The Avett Brothers , and her songs have been featured in shows like "Nashville" and "Grey's Anatomy." Her most recent album, The War Inside, highlights her own successes and struggles with raw emotion and enchanting melodies. And while it reaches into the pop and indie rock world, it still tips its hat to Jill's Appalachian roots. 

Kristen from A Beer with the Band: What's your drink of choice? 

Jill: Lagunitas IPA! I also love Delirium Tremens and red wine. I am missing all of this stuff because I am with child at the moment, but I am really looking forward to imbibing again!

Kristen: What’s your guilty-pleasure-gas-station purchase?

Jill: These are good questions! I'm pretty good at holding back from the unhealthy, but I really like potato chips. Sometimes when I've been traveling for a long time I start feeling like I deserve that kind of junk.

Kristen: And speaking of, you’ll be heading out on the road with Drew Holcomb soon. What’s something you can’t live without on tour?

Jill: Podcasts! I listen to them on and off the road a lot. I love "Ted Talks", "Serial" and "This American Life," especially.

Kristen: Do you have any rituals when you’re on tour, either in the van, in your hotel room or pre-show?

Jill: Normally I'm so tired when I get to the hotel that I jump into my comfy clothes and watch "Lost." Yes, I am just now watching it!

Kristen: What’s the least rock-‘n’-roll thing you’ve done in the past year?

Jill: I have a 6 and 1/2 year old boy so I'm sure that on a daily basis I'm am less rock- 'n'- roll then I ever "should" be. It probably would have something to do with boogers or folding laundry for the millionth time.

Kristen: What’s on your bucket list for the next year?

Jill: I want to go with my family to Disney World!

Kristen: You released a full-length album titled The War Inside in 2015. Were there any particular challenges or surprises in making the record? 

Jill: It was difficult to stop working on it, to know when it was done. Making a record is such a daunting experience. There are so many little tweaks that you can make, and then one day you have decide that it's the best it can be and you have to move on. The producer (Will Sayles) and I still joke to this day about adding some more electric guitar. One day we both just had to sit down and say, "This thing is done." And so it was.

Kristen: How does this record feel different from other material you’ve released?

Jill: This record feels different because making it was a very collaborative process. I wrote most of the songs with my friends here in Nashville and we had lots of wonderful musicians adding their particular flair to it in the studio. The songs feel very alive when I perform them. And there are so many beautiful memories attached to them.

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