- August 2014 - 


The name Desert Noises‚ like many of the band's songs on their debut full-length 27 Ways‚ came out of a dream that popped into front-man Kyle Henderson's head while sleeping. "I just woke up and wrote it down on a piece of paper," says the 24-year-old, who used it for the band he'd first formed with his brother and a friend in the Provo/Orem, Utah, area. Joined by fellow twenty-something band mates bassist Tyler Osmond, guitarist Patrick Boyer and drummer Brennan Allen, the foursome set out in a van three years ago and haven't stopped since.

They’ve spent the past two years building a reputation as a must-see live act by touring relentlessly and bringing their signature brand of unbridled, infectious rock to clubs and major festivals throughout the U.S, including high-visibility gigs at the Austin City Limits Festival, LouFest and Lollapalooza, where we caught up with the guys over some beers.

We chatted about the making of their record, celebrity look-a-likes and digging through shit to get to the gold.


The Show: Desert Noises at Lollapalooza // BMI Stage // August 2, 2014

Drinks of Choice: Manhattan, Whiskey Ginger, Scotch, Coors Light, Screwdriver


Kristen from A Beer with the Band: How did your set at Lollapalooza go?

Kyle from Desert Noises: Excellent.

Tyler from Desert Noises: Excelente!

Brennan from Desert Noises: Party time!

Kristen: And aside from playing, what has been the best thing about Lollapalooza?

Brennan: Oh man, the area with the cabanas and everything. We’ve never had a cabana or a trailer for an entire day like this.

Kyle: We normally have a bottle of tequila in a guitar case.

Brennan: And we get to charge our phones here.

Kristen: It’s a dire situation at Lollapalooza with cell phones. You do not want to lose cell phone battery.

Tyler: It’s kind of nice when it dies because then you don’t have to worry about anything.

Kristen: Truth. You’re originally from Utah. What’s your favorite thing about home?

Kyle: Favorite thing about it? The nature part: all the mountains, the hiking.

Tyler: It’s amazingly beautiful. Almost overwhelmingly beautiful.

Kristen: I’ve only been to Salt Lake City.

Kyle: We’re from a little bit South of there. Where we are the mountains are a little bit bigger. They tower over you on both sides. It’s really cool.

Kristen: And you guys are currently based out there, but you’re touring right now. Are you traveling all the time?

Kyle: All the time. Yeah.

Tyler: We can be on the road nine or ten months out of the year.

Kristen: Where have you recently played that you really enjoyed?

Tyler: Oh, man.

Kyle: Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Tyler: It was sweet. We were with a group of friends of ours, a band called Roadkill Ghost Choir. They all had a day off so we went rafting down The Snake River.

Brennan: We saw two bald eagles.

Patrick from A Beer with the Band: At the same time?

Brennan: No, not at once, but both on the same float.

Patrick: Those are the last two, I think, in the country.

Brennan: That’s what I was thinking when I saw that. I was like, “Oh my god, I am American.”

Patrick: What celebrity look-a-like do you guys get, aside from you, Brennan. You actually are Blake Anderson from Workaholics, right?

Brennan: Never a day goes by that I don’t get that…That’s about it. It has taken over the whole band. [Laughs].

Tyler: I used to get the guy from The Princess Bride named Westley. I can’t remember the actor’s name.

Patrick: Cary Elwes.

Tyler: Yeah, Cary Elwes.

Pat: Yeah, and Kyle kind of looks the lead singer from Blind Melon, Shannon Hoon.

Kristen: I can see that for sure. How about you, Pat?

Pat from Desert Noises: I really don’t know. Generally, they’re really handsome.

[Everyone laughs]

Patrick: You look like that handsome celebrity.

Pat: Basically anybody that looks really good.

Kristen: I know we’re not here to talk about it, but you have to tell the story behind your jean vest.

Pat: My mom bought me a Marlboro jean jacket in the ‘90s and I cut off the sleeves…Oh wait, actually, my girlfriend, cut off the sleeves. And then I sewed on these patches. I was in junior high when I got these.

Kristen: It’s sweet. Who are you guys looking forward to seeing or have you already seen that has been awesome at the festival?

Tyler: I really wanted to see Temples yesterday, but we got into town too late.

Kyle:  I think a lot of the bands that we actually wanted to see were yesterday.

Patrick: Are there other bands at Lollapalooza that you guys have played with besides Typhoon?

Kyle: Yeah, Roadkill Ghost Choir is one of them.

Brennan: We know a lot of bands here. We might not have played with them, but we hang out with them.

Tyler: That’s one of the most fun things about the festival, for sure: meeting up all your old friends. Partying again.

Kristen: What is the least rock-‘n’-roll thing you’ve done in the past year?

Kyle: Cried, probably.

Kristen: Over what?

Tyler: He cried over girls. A girlfriend.

Kyle: Hey!


Tyler: Speaking of, I actually recently watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Brennan: Matthew McConaug-heyyyy.

Kristen: Was it on TV or did you put the DVD in the DVD player?

Tyler: I put the in the DVD player.

Kristen: That’s a different a level, you know what I mean? If it’s on TV and you just happened to be watching…

[Everyone laughs]

Tyler: There are so many good lines.

Brennan: And there are so many ways to lose a guy.

Kristen: In 10 days. What’s your favorite movie of all time and why?

BrennanIndiana Jones. It’s got drama, romance, comedy, action…

Kyle: Harrison Ford.

Brennan: It’s got Harrison Ford.

[Everyone laughs]

Kyle: I would say Groundhog Day.

Kristen: Why?

Kyle: It’s got Bill Murray. What else could you want?

Patrick: You guys have played Hangout, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza…What other festivals have you done or will you be doing this year?

Kyle: SXSW, Austin City Limits, LouFest, Voodoo Festival…

Patrick:  How does each festival differ? I mean, SXSW is its own beast…

Kyle: Yeah, the last time we played at SXSW we played fifteen shows over the span of something like three days.

Patrick: Yeah, and you’re loading in miles away and playing venues that aren’t venues. It’s a huge marathon.

Brennan: It’s really fun, but when you’re done with it, it’ you’re like, “Holy shit, I can’t believe we just did that!” During it, you’re like, “Why are we here!”

Tyler: You’re going to every possible bar.


Kristen: Cheers to that! What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Kyle: I think I heard it from a friend or one of these guys, but it was, “You’ve got to wade through the shit to get to the gold.”

Tyler: You’ve gotta to dig through it.

Brennan: You’ve got to dig through the shit to get to the gold. I feel that way about life in general. It’s kind of about pushing forward, working hard and making the best of everything. There’s gonna be something good at the end of it.

Tyler: I think it comes down to pushing forward and working hard and trying to make of it.

Kyle: There’s another really good quote, too…I can’t think of it…

Tyler: “Those with no vices have no virtue.” I think Lincoln said it.


Tyler: Not good advice. Sorry, Lincoln.

Kyle: Nailed it. No, that wasn’t it. Mine is “Stand as close to edge as possible.”

Kristen: Without falling off.

Kyle: Yep, that’s my life motto. Live life on the edge.

Pat: Pretty much anything that Yoda’s ever said is the best advice I’ve ever received.

Patrick: Do you guys remember the moment that it came from being a band that you guys were playing in for fun to a career decision? Was there a moment?

Kyle: I think for me the moment happened when we actually decided to do it. The moment happened before we even knew it was becoming anything. The moment happened when said, “Okay, let’s quit all of our jobs and put all of our money into this. Let’s actually try for this. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but if it works, we’ll keep going with it and see what happens after that.” The opportunity or the idea of moving on was what felt right.

Patrick: What were you guys doing before?

Kyle: I was a business analyst for multi-millionaires.

Kristen: They let you keep your long hair?

Kyle: They let me keep it, but it probably wasn’t supposed to happen.

Tyler: I was working at Sunglass Hut.

[Everyone laughs]

Patrick: That’s a multi-billion dollar corporation.

Pat:  I was working at Jimmy John’s.

Patrick: And Brennan, you were on Workaholics.

Brennan: Exactly. I was on Comedy Central at the time. I should have stuck with that gig.

[Everyone laughs]

Kristen: Are you coming back to Chicago soon?

Kyle: Yeah we are, in October. We’re playing The Metro, which we’re excited about.

Kristen: I’ll buy you guys some more beers.

Kyle: I think we can handle that.

Kristen: Your record 27 Ways came out back in March. What was the creative process like with that?

Kyle: We started by playing all of those songs live, testing them out. And then recording wise it was really fast. We were touring so much, but we managed to do four days in El Paso, tracking everything live because we had four days off, and then we went onto our shows after that. The studio was this giant room with a really great board. Sonic Ranch Studios.

Tyler:  We got lucky.

Kyle: I agree. We were lucky to be there.

Pat: They only a couple openings for the entire year and one was in the timeframe that we were there.

Kristen: What’s it like putting something together that quickly?

Tyler: It was crazy

Kyle: But it was perfect how we did it. Who knows what the next record will be like—we might need more time—but for this time on this record, it was so good. We had been on the road for two or two-and-a-half years and we were used to moving so fast, so to record an album that was in that mindset was actually really representative of that time together as a band.

Kristen: That’s really interesting.

Kyle:  It was the way it was supposed to be, you know? It might’ve not felt right if it had been overproduced or something. We did it the way we knew how, playing live music.

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